• Steve’s sessions proved to be a real highlight. His presentation skills are excellent and he brings theoretical models to life with relevant, engaging and surprisingly entertaining practical exercises

    Matt Swaine

    Editor, BBC Wildlife

  • Brilliant! Steve’s presentation was the highlight of our recent event – funny and engaging, but most of all, highly relevant to a business audience. Highly recommended!

    Les Jones

    Creative Director, Practice Plan Ltd

  • Steve’s coaching has supported in maintaining focus and positivity, developing clear plans to get the most out of my role.

    Judith Makin

    Key Account Manager, Squadron Medical

  • Steve is like no other leadership trainer I’ve ever worked with. His unique style combines essential leadership models with real life examples and personal anecdotes.

    Ian Oldershaw

    Business Improvement Manager, Sheffield City Council

  • Steve has a brilliant understanding of the psychology behind leadership and brings it life in such a real, accessible way through his incredible skills.

    Alison Finnegan

    Insight and Ad Marketing Director - Immediate Media

Steve Faulkner

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ILM Approved

ILM Approved As a accredited ILM centre, I currently provide ILM level 3 and level 5, City and Guilds Qualifications in Leadership and Management. These courses run from between Three and Ten days and can be tailored to your needs. Contact me to explore this further.

A little insight into what I do

Welcome to my site, I’m Steve.

You might have already noticed there’s something missing from this website, especially if you’ve looked into self-improvement or coaching before:

“Where’s the guide to ‘unlocking your potential’? Don’t you want to help me ‘achieve my goals’?”

There’s no doubt that the right coaching and training does that, but this you probably already know. Have a look around. Rather than cliches and generic advice, you’ll find lessons drawn from real, personal, experience. My background as a performer has given me some fantastic insights into people, audiences and creative thinking. In fact, it’s what makes working with me different to anything you’ll have come across before. I want to give you something you can actually use, in a way that inspires you, personally.

“But I don’t need a coach…”

Podcasts and books are great, but nothing compares to looking another human in the eye. If you would hire a trainer to get in shape or learn a language, why not get one to improve your performance professionally or socially? Is it possible you’re making things unnecessarily hard for yourself? With the right coach, you can test your methods and ideas in a low-risk context, and clarify your next steps.

“OK, but why should I go with you?”

Well, this is the bit I hate. Because I’m clearly writing about myself. Good coaching completely depends on your feeling about the coach. So it would be ridiculous to claim that I can help everyone with anything. One thing I’ve noticed is that many coaches are unqualified, undertrained and haven’t really ‘lived it’, and many people have said that I seem to get it. But again that’s for you to decide.

As for the training, my background of performing and my own training, research and facilitation for the last ten years has provided me with confidence and a high level of knowledge. Basically, I’m good at communicating to groups of people and I know my stuff. Check out the training page for more of that.

“Sounds good, but I still have some questions”

If you are interested in finding out more, get in touch and we can arrange a call, Skype or coffee.

In my experience, we are all capable of getting good at anything we want to, and it’s so much easier not to go it alone.

Steve Faulkner

Get in touch now with any questions

It really is a little difficult to get this over on a site, so please have a browse, have a read (yes I know you’re busy but this really could, and very probably would, create huge positive change for your business or organisation), and ask any questions at all.

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