You’ll find few successful people in any field who haven’t had some kind of coaching. Top sports people have known the benefits for years, but now business ‘athletes’ are hiring coaches more and more, too.

Why? Because it works. A knowledgeable coach can make the difference between keeping going and giving up, between maximum performance and burn-out.

The Right Coach

A good coach will provide motivation, insight and support for your continued development. They’ll also get on with you. Here’s something we’re beginning to realise:

There’s no ‘one size fits all’, when it comes to coaching

It works best when it’s very personalised. That’s why I always offer a free, informal meeting with no expectations attached. It has to feel right for you, or nobody benefits.

The Benefits

Here are just some of the areas where coaching can help:

• Motivation
• Productivity
• Time management
• Relationships
• Self-management
• Problem solving
• Difficult decisions
• Goal- achievement
• Self-confidence
• Stress


Sessions usually run for 90 minutes, and sometimes just one session will be enough to arrive at a breakthrough. At other times, continued support is required, but I never artificially draw out your programme to extract more money from you! If you’re not getting great value, I’m not doing my job.

For an initial meeting, in person or by skype if not possible, contact Steve.