Thank you so much for a great session with our second line leaders on their leadership programme this week. They got loads out of it and were surprised by how many lesson’s from the programme were reinforced through the session. Specifically these were: storytelling, paradoxical thinking, change, focus (what are you missing?), change and transition, being authentic and coaching people through their limiting beliefs. The session was fun and informative – and we loved the way you encouraged us to ‘play’ and feel safe! You built rapport superbly well with the group.
Sharon Piron-BT Openreach

Mind-sleight – The magic of focus and attention

What is distracting us, and what can we do about it?

The concepts discussed in this highly entertaining talk are brought to life through Steve’s world-class magic. There’s a serious message in here: our attention is misdirected all the time, and it’s not always this harmless.

Wade into the murky waters of self-development online, and you’ll find yourself bombarded with solutions, hundreds of promises to make you more productive. And not just self-development. Wherever we go, we’re quite literally spoiled for choice.

No wonder we try out short-term fixes and gimmicks. They work for a while. But if we can reach the root cause of why we lose focus, we’ll equip ourselves with a skill for life – an x-ray vision through the murk, to keep us on course.

Distraction, along with its irritating cousin interruption, are having a profound affect on us and our organisations. This session will help you uncover some fundamental enemies of productivity by demonstrating, in the most fun way, how we can miss what is directly in front of us.

The talk can run from 25 minutes to 45 minutes.

The interactive session, where the delegates will not only hear the talk, but also learn magic that demonstrates the concepts Steve shares, is perfect for conferences and away days.

Brilliant! Steve’s presentation was the highlight of our recent event – funny and engaging, but most of
all, highly relevant to a business audience.

Les Jones – Marketing Director – Practiceplan Ltd

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